Sunday, April 30, 2017

Marbled Paper

Shaving Cream Marbled Paper

You can use this marbled paper technique for a variety of classroom projects, whether it be to enhance students writing through illustrations, create colorful kites, Easter eggs or even create a mini planet Earth for Earth Day, the possibilities are endless!
Shaving Cream by meghan
You Will Need:
Shaving cream
Acrylic Paints
Large Pan / Tray
Toothpick / Pencil
Card stock
Scraper / Ruler

If you don't mind getting messy then this is the craft for you!

First spray a layer of shaving cream onto a pan/tray (you can line with aluminum foil for easier clean up).  Next, randomly squirt or dollop your acrylic paints over the shaving cream (I used pastels for kites, but blues and greens would look great for an Earth Day project)! 

Next, drag a toothpick or a pencil to create vertical and horizontal lines like a checkerboard pattern. A random swirl pattern would also work just fine. Then place the card stock face down onto the shaving cream and paint mixture and pat down gently, then slowly lift up the card stock. Warning:  It will look really messy at this point!

Finally use a ruler or scraper to scrape off the excess shaving cream and lay card stock flat to dry. Cut paper into desired shape.

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