Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kamishibai Stories (Paper Theater)


Kamishibai (Paper Theater) is a form of storytelling that originated in Japan and was most popular from the 1920's -1950.  The Kamishibai storyteller would ride into town on their bicycle, gather the children by banging two sticks together (as seen in the first image), sell homemade candy to make a bit of money, then tell a story using the Kamishibai theater attached to their bicycle.  These stories typically had a lesson to teach / moral. After learning about awesome form of writing / storytelling, we wrote these Kamishibai stories with our fourth grade writing buddies and illustrated all of the pictures to accompany the story.  This activity is always a favorite of my students and one they remember for many years. To learn more about Kamishibai visit
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  1. Very cool! Where did you get the Kamishibai theater? Did you make it yourself?

    1. Thanks! The fourth grade teacher that we are buddies with made it using some wood and an old picture frame. :-)

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