Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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Today was a beautiful day to go for a rock hunt! I read aloud the book, Everybody Needs A Rock. If you have never read the book, it is a great one! We read about the 10 rules for finding the perfect rock, then we went outside for our own rock hunt! Each student found a rock, following the 10 rules in the book. When we got back into the classroom, the students wrote about their rocks. It was great to see how serious the students took the rock hunt and the 10 rules. One of the rules is that you do not have to show anybody your rock and sure enough, many of the students kept theirs a secret, but they did write about it. Another rule from the book is that you can't talk to anyone when you are looking for your perfect was completly silent outside, not a peep out of my 23 students during the rock hunt! This is a great lesson to use with the trait of Ideas!

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  1. Great activity! I'll look into the book - thanks for mentioning the title!

    Down Under Teacher