Saturday, September 17, 2011

Word Study Bulletin Board

This is our Word Study bulletin board. The students each have their own envelope/pocket where they keep their individual spelling words every week on an index card. All of their spelling words are individualized, comprised of words from the top 150 high frequency word list as well as leveled words from the weekly word study principle. During the first week of school, students are tested on all of the top 150 words, then the words they spelled incorrectly are written correctly (by me) on their, Words To Learn sheet. They then use the Words To Learn sheet to choose 6 spelling words from each week, then they choose 4 developmentally appropriate words from the word study principle lesson of the week. Each week a student will have a total of 10 words. Words they spell correctly on Friday's spelling test are then checked off of their Words To Learn sheet. If they still get the word wrong on Friday's spelling test, then the word remains on their Words To Learn sheet.
I have taught spelling many different ways in the past. I find that although there is a ton of preparation required on behalf of the teacher to get this model up and running smoothly, the words are developmentally appropriate for the students. The students also take more ownership over their spelling because they have "chosen" their 10 words to learn for the week!

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