Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am Linking up with Abby at the Inspired Apple for her Linky Party...What's Inside Your School Bag? Great idea for a linky party! I have to admit, after looking at all of the other cute teacher bags on other blogs, I feel like I need to update my collection! I really like the Lands End ones! Perhaps a trip to the mall this weekend?!

Not too much inside my bag this weekend! I definitely have to have my camera with me and my coffee mug! You never know when an unplanned meeting might pop up, hence the Ice Breakers mints! The Advil I always carry with me, there's nothing worse than teaching with a headache all day...well okay, maybe a sore throat! Once winter arrives, I'll probably add in my cough drops, but not yet!

This is a close up of what's in my little pink pencil pouch. The Vera Bradley lanyard was a gift from a student last year! They must have known that my two favorite colors are purple and pink!

This is an oldie but goodie! I got this bag from the GAP about 6 years ago! It's really durable canvas and as you can see the leather strap handles are getting a bit worn out, but it's still my favorite school bag!

If you've never been to Vista Print and you're a teacher, you have to check it out! They often run specials and this bag was a freebie! You can personalize all sorts of things on their website. I have also made free business cards, and rather than use them as typical business cards I have turned them into free homework coupons because you can type whatever you want on them.
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  1. Just found your blog through the TBA linky party. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm now a follower.


  2. Just wanted to come check out what you have in your bag. I was late to the party. I am your newest follower. Come by when you get a chance.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Good ol' GAP :) Thanks for sharing! I am late to Abby's linky party, here is my bag