Sunday, September 25, 2011

Favorite Online Resources Linky Party!

Today I am linking up with my favorite websites for Ms. Kerri's linky party! She's compiling a list of all of the suggested websites into a handy resource list for teachers! I have a much longer list of websites that my students like, listed on my classroom website but these were the top websites that came to mind when thinking about sites I use on a weekly basis!

Teacher / Student Websites:

I use this website to play music during Morning Work and sometimes Writer's Workshop. I typically will play some relaxing music so the kids can settle into the day. Last week I played some Jim Brickman (introduced to me by another teaching colleague :-) )

This is an easy go to website for further practice of a skill taught.  Also useful when making sub plans and you need a quick worksheet to add to the plans for the day.

Math Fact Cafe is a resource that was shared with me a couple of years back by a parent.  Teachers can create math pages based upon whatever skill you're teaching at that time. You can also create flash cards at this website.

When I want to review vocabulary from a Science or Social Studies unit I will use puzzlemaker and create a crossword puzzle.  At the beginning of the year I create one using the classmate's names as homework, they seem to enjoy seeing their name and friends names in the puzzle!

Tux paint is a popular website with my students when we go to the computer lab.  There are some pretty neat and interesting features that kids can use on this program.  It's also great for the reluctant artist.

This is a cool website where you can generate word clouds and arrange them into different designs.  It's hard to explain this site but if you take a further look at the link they have some great examples!


  1. Our district banned Pandora because it was using too much bandwidth. I was sooooo disappointed! It was great for using in class!

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  3. Thanks for linking up! Be sure to check back in a week or two for the compiled list.