Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calendar Math

Calendar Math! Every morning, following our morning meeting we do calendar as a class. The math components of this are great! The monthly calendar has patterns, both shape and color. We graph our Birthdays and keep track of how many days we've been in school by keeping a number line, which is color coded for even and odd numbers. There is also a money component to calendar math that the kids really enjoy. For each day they add a penny, when they get to five pennies, they make a trade for a nickel and when they get to two nickels, they make a trade for a dime, etc. They also learn how to write the numbers in dollar and cents notation. I probably should have said earlier that this year I am teaching math using a program called, Math In Focus. So far, it's going great! In the past, I have used Every Day Math for instruction. With the new Math In Focus program, time and money is not really touched upon right away in second grade, so the Calendar Math component serves as a good introduction to these skills.
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